Startup Weekend arrives for the first time in Gurgaon! Save the date and buy a ticket! We will be at the Bharti Airtel Ltd Airtel Center, Upper and Lower Ground Floors (UGF, LGF).

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[VIDEOS] Startup Weekend Gurgaon – Discussion on Gamification

Below are videos of the discussion on Friday night about ramification between Rabi Gupta of iDubba and Avinasha Shastry of SupprtBee

[VIDEO] Startup Weekend Gurgaon a Few Pitches

#SWGGN Winners – So Who’s Quitting A Job?

Jobs bolega yes bolega

Hey Startup Weekenders, last 54 hours in Gurgaon was intense, fun filled and truly rewarding to the cause we stand for. As one of our speakers said, Entrepreneurship doesn’t kill, it is the best form of life possible. We believe that isn’t just business, every person leads his / her life and we want to see them live that with power.

Over the past weekend, more than 50 ideas were pitched, many more conceived during the weekend, they were broken, expanded, changed and each of the 15 teams that presented to the jury last night had a different spark in them (yea, just compare the Friday Night photos and Sunday Evenings when they are up :))

For now, you know the list of teams who demoed on stage, apart from the experience everyone walked away with – here are the ones who walked away with the prizes: (more…)

Heading To The Demos – Here Is The List #SWGGN

We have had a crazy weekend at the first ever Startup Weekend in Gurgaon and just as the final chaos beings, we have the list of teams that would be pitching today. Over 50 ideas were pitched on Friday evening … 150 votes and after endless hours of startup action here are the teams that would be presenting today


[VIDEO] Startup Weekend Gurgaon – The First 24 Hours

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