Startup Weekend Gurgaon in Just Over 24 Hours – Things to Remember

We only have 48 hours left before we get together at Airtel and starting work on some awesome new startups and hacking some code!

Here’s a few things to remember:

  1. Think of some ideas you want to pitch. You will have 60 seconds to pitch your idea. If time permits, you may be able to pitch more than one idea. Pitches will not be more than 60 second under any circumstances.
  2. Your idea cannot be an existing startup that has launched. Startup Weekend is where people gather to take ideas and transform them into startups.
  3. Bring whatever you think you’re going to need to work, e.g. a laptop, paper, pens, mobile phone, snacks, caffeine, etc.
  4. If your idea doesn’t get enough votes, don’t worry. Join another team and work with others on their idea.
  5. Please try to be inclusive and not turn people away from joining your team unless your team size is over 5 people.
  6. The Twitter Hashtag for Startup Weekend Gurgaon will be #swggn – Please use it when tweeting about the event.
  7. The Flickr tag for Startup Weekend Gurgaon will be swggn so please add the tag to any photos you upload to Flickr, but also please add “Startup Weekend” and “Startup Weekend Gurgaon”.
  8. BRING YOUR PHOTO ID!!! Airtel security will not let you onto the campus without
  9. If you have not submitted your car’s license plate number, please do so immediately or Airtel will not allow your car to be parked on the premises.
  10. If you purchased a student ticket, please bring a valid student photo id with you or you may be denied access to the event. There will be no refunds if you are turned away from the event for not having a valid student id.
  11. We need more designers, developers and programmers so please pass on the word to your network and tell them to come.
  12. The event will be WiFi enabled.
  13. Feel free to take pictures and videos of the event and share them online.

Doors will open at 6pm on Friday but you can come a bit earlier if you’re that excited :-)

We will start the event at 7pm sharp (not Indian Standard Time).

We will start pitches by 8pm.

If you have questions, please post a comment below and don’t forget to follow @swindia for the most up to date information.

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