Heading To The Demos – Here Is The List #SWGGN

We have had a crazy weekend at the first ever Startup Weekend in Gurgaon and just as the final chaos beings, we have the list of teams that would be pitching today. Over 50 ideas were pitched on Friday evening … 150 votes and after endless hours of startup action here are the teams that would be presenting today

1) JamdoZZ

Amit Goel: Jamdozz is an innovative solution that can be accessed through mobile for selecting the least congested route to go from a source to destination. It is simple & easy, just dial a short code and you are connected to a customer care agent. After collecting the source & destination information, the customer care agent suggests the possible minimal congested routes to the caller.For pre subscribed routes, one can get SMS alerts and Voice alerts on making a call to Automated IVR system.Live feeds can be accessed on Web, 3G handsets on IVVR and through handset Apps.

2) Target & Convert

URL: http://analyz.in

Our webapp pushes actionable content to targeted visitors in realtime, in order to increase online conversions. One example is to show a coupon code, better deal or a chat widget in an ecommerce website when a visitor fulfills certain predefined rule (that’s why we call it targeted visitors). The other idea is to show a signup form after a new visitor has been through couple of pages on an online forum.

3) ‘Jobs Bolega!

Jobs BolegaKrishanu Datta: A Mobile Voice Based Professional Network (la Linkedin) for blue collar jobs in India. This first of its kind service, empowers the masses (low literacy, low internet penetration, high mobile penetration & voice usage), to professionally network with others, create an audio profile, voice search for jobs, create & share voice recommendations. The service will showcase a further USP, with a warm body call with a replicating a user experience that is natural & intutive to the common man in India.

4) “U” Treasure

URL: B2C: www.uahoy.com; Corporate: www.ahoy.co.in


U TreasurePuneet Giri: Fun and Rewards UNLIMITED. This is a REAL TIME CONTEXTUAL TREASURE HUNT which offers instant gratifications/rewards based on mobile users preferences, interests, location in a learning, exploring, fun filled and risk-reward in CONNECT-ENGAGE-INTERACT- TRANSACT mode !!!

5) thePlaylist.in

URL – http://theplaylist.in

Twitter: @playlistdotin

Amit Singh: thePlaylist.in is the most unique music social network for users and listeners. Or simply put it’s a music service for the listeners and most crucially by the listeners on mobile and internet.

So now anyone can be the RJ and the entire world can tune in. It works through a crowd-sourced model for RJs and song-playlist selections. What you got to do is just select songs, do a dynamic voice over and put up the playlist for broadcast.

We try to fulfill in our limited way the aspiration of each one of us to be popular and followed –specifically like the RJs – and yet carry on with our current profession. And, then the icing on the cake –stand to earn too – a share of the revenue. Yes, you read it right – get famous and get paid too!

There will be no change in the listeners’ behavior – they just need to open the URL in the browsers of their PCs or phones and enjoy the streaming music.

We have aimed to make a service for self, friends and the music they love.

6)  Painless.in

URL http://www.painless.in/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Painless/157446674354399

Twitter : https://twitter.com/#!/painlessin 

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/painlessin

Painless is an online free service that simplifies the process of finding the right doctor and booking an appointment with him/her, for patients.

Painless focuses on incorporating patient reviews and ratings of doctors in order to make the search results for doctors more intuitive and relevant. It also allows patients to check if anyone in their social networks has visited and rated the doctors that they have searched for.

7) Like Its Me

Test Sitehttp://mobile.likeitsme.in

Ashish Juyal: A mobile app which provides recommendation based on your interest defined in your Facebook or twitter ID

i) We provide content from different sources based on your interest

ii) You will find people similar to your interest which are around you and the app will provide a notification to the other people if you want to get in touch.

iii) Deals will be smartly pushed to the user based on his interest and location

iv) User will get the events information based on his interests and location

8 ) BharatPrice.in



Ravish Ahuja: Bharat Price helps users find best deals on the best products. Bharat Price will research & compare thousands of products across hundreds of retailers so you don’t have to. We will bring you the best price, deals and coupons for the products you want to buy. So, you can find best bargains within seconds.

9) DietJanta.com

Web: Www.dietjanta.com Twitter: @dietjanta | Facebook

Harish: DietJanta is your one stop solution to understanding any of the popular diets, interpreted to suit your everyday eating habits. We cook the food, with love, for your diet and deliver it to your door.

10) Smart Career Choice

Facebook | URL |

Smart Career Choice is a web based solution that will help students choose a right path in deciding their career. We do not stop at career assessments and personality tests, we provide a complete career education in the field a student is best suited for, interested in and give him a complete insight into that field. Our purpose is to ensure a student knows where he is going and why, and what does that career holds for him / her. We believe that a focussed approach to a career can go a thousand miles in not only making him/her sucessfull, but also happy!


Social: Facebook | Twitter

HopShopHopShop is a social network that brings Shoppers and Travellers together. It would make any product available anywhere in the world (or atleast most parts of the world) accessible to anyone in another part of the world via their network of friends.

12) mLabs


mLabsGaurav Gandhi: A wearable health care monitor platform which captures your health data real time, analyze it on cloud and inform you and your doctor.mLabs captures patients data using a wearable device/ornament (self and third party) and perform your analysis (which otherwise is done by expert practitioners) on cloud.

It further informs the doctor of its analysis (self and third party apps/webapps) to make an informed decision. Of course, it keeps a history record of the patient.A perfect solution for hospitals, doctors and medical practitioners to improvise their efficiency by taking more informed decision.

13) Endeavor

EndeavorOur aim is to put this new revolutionary submarine design (1st Position at 4 IIT techfest and under Devlopment with Indian Navy via D.R.D.O) into the civil space of operations. We are planning to go onto prototype development and manufacturing as the next step. And in the true sprite of startup weekend bring to light “an idea like nothing else”. So catch us on your next tide to innovation.

14) UberPay

Facebook | Web | Twitter

UberPay is a fun way to safely pay, track and analyze all your payments and helps you learn tricks of how to save money! All this, for free!

15) Quick Look: PitchBucket LLP

We would skip the details on this, wait till you see it tonight :)

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