#SWGGN Winners – So Who’s Quitting A Job?

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Hey Startup Weekenders, last 54 hours in Gurgaon was intense, fun filled and truly rewarding to the cause we stand for. As one of our speakers said, Entrepreneurship doesn’t kill, it is the best form of life possible. We believe that isn’t just business, every person leads his / her life and we want to see them live that with power.

Over the past weekend, more than 50 ideas were pitched, many more conceived during the weekend, they were broken, expanded, changed and each of the 15 teams that presented to the jury last night had a different spark in them (yea, just compare the Friday Night photos and Sunday Evenings when they are up :))

For now, you know the list of teams who demoed on stage, apart from the experience everyone walked away with – here are the ones who walked away with the prizes:


Painless is the Startup Weekend Gurgaon winner who would go on to compete at the Global Startup Battle (during Global Entrepreneurship Week). Apart from that they also win goodies from Samsung Mobiles and RIM Blackberry.

Jobs Bloega

Jobs Bloega

– Incubation with Joyful Frog Digital Incubator in Signapore along with SGD 15,000 seed investment.


The ThePlaylist.in team were the runners up and they took away some goodies from Samsung Mobile.

Apart from these, many teams were awarded with developer resource (an eBook) and our friends at Pitchbucket who are building an amazing app to collect all memories from Startup Weekends were awarded a Samsung Mobile goodie bag each. The audience favourite Endeavor was also awarded with a RIM Blackberry goodie bag each! 

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for making this event happen. The volunteering team, logistics team at Airtel (our host) and the JFDI (Hey Meng, Erin) & Singtel Innov8 (Hey Edgar, Aaron) team for being with us. Hugh from JFDI has captured some amazing videos and interviews on the sidelines of #SWGGN and we look forward to see them on YouTube (Stay tuned!)

If you are uploading photos and videos, do tag them as #SWGGN … many are already up on the Inter-webs so go grab them :)


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